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ELNC18 Plenaries: 2018 Klingenstein Teacher Award - Annie Holyfield

On November 11th, Annie Holyfield, K-1 Teacher at Joe Shoemaker Elementary School in Denver, CO, received the award 2018 Klingenstein Teacher Award. In accepting the honor, Holyfield shared inspiring words with an audience of more than 1,200 educators at the EL Education 2018 National Conference in Philadelphia, PA:

“Many people see 5, 6, and 7 year olds as cute and innocent, incapable of having a real impact in the world, almost powerless, until they are more mature, knowledgeable, older. I am here today to challenge that belief. I am here to tell you that even little kids are capable of meaningful contributions and able to make the world a better place. To quote Zoryn, one of my students ”You should see what we can do- we are magic!”


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