EL Education's Curriculum Receives Nearly Perfect Score from EdReports

EL Education: Redefining Student Achievement

EL Education is redefining student achievement across America, creating a pivotal new vision for public schools. Formed over 25 years ago as Expeditionary Learning, EL Education has its roots in Outward Bound, focused on courage, compassion and teamwork, and in the academic rigor of Harvard Graduate School of Education.


- Hello, everyone! I would like to thank you all for coming to my passage. This whole entire presentation is to prove to everyone that is here that I am ready for eleventh grade, and I am ready...

- [Narrator] EL Education is redefining student achievement across America. Creating a pivotal new vision for public schools. Formed over 20 years ago as Expeditionary Learning, EL Education has its roots in Outward Bound, focused on courage, compassion and teamwork, and in the academic rigor of Harvard Graduate School of Education.

- When you see other friends at other schools in the neighborhood that are not succeeding, and you can tell that the school is different. All the students graduate and go to college. We’re gonna defy the statistics.

- [Narrator] EL provides a proven solution to our most pressing educational needs, an uncompromising and comprehensive framework of student achievement and teacher development. Students in EL schools show remarkable achievement by any measures. 100 percent college acceptance is the standard for our schools. Test scores in schools that implement the EL model deeply far exceed similar district schools in all subjects with all subgroups. An empirical study of EL schools showed that, over three years, students gained almost an entire extra year of literacy and math skills over comparable schools. As national literacy experts, EL Education helps schools and districts reach new, more challenging standards. But test scores and college acceptance are not enough.

- To do a Student-Led Conference you can be in third grade or fourth grade and fifth grade, or you can be in Kindergarten. Here are two of my reading degrees.

- [Narrator] EL Education has a 3-dimensional view of student achievement: mastery of knowledge and skills, character, and high-quality student work.

- Windsor Seven is honored to present our four volume collection on oral histories related to the Civil Rights Movement to the African American Collection of Maine.

- [Narrator] Students build character through challenging and comprehensive investigations of critical issues, creating works of remarkable quality, contributing to a better world.

- Our presentation today is dedicated to our interviewees. We thank you for your time, and we thank you for your stories.

- Our Teacher Development framework provides three core elements: an educational model that works, proven over 20 years, used in schools and districts in 33 states across the country, unparalleled professional learning, and powerful teacher resources inspired by our network of high-achieving schools.

- Austin had to use this photograph as his model. This is called a tiger swallowtail.

- I knew it!

- Toby, what would you say?

- Don’t put those little tail things so pointed in. I’d say put them more pointed down.

- Let’s look at his last draft.

- [Narrator] EL’s resources include best selling books and videos, seen by over one million educators, the world’s largest collection of exemplary student work, and a nationally acclaimed literacy curriculum that meets the new standards, downloaded as a free resource by over four million teachers. Leading teachers in continuous growth is our core work. In cities across the country, EL has been recruited to lead professional learning that is more engaging, challenging and respectful of teachers.

- I think the best part about the whole EL team is that they are educators.

- We are on the ground, in classrooms on a daily basis, and we design our professional development from that framework.

- By way of educational professional development, we came here expecting the usual, and what would be experienced was the extraordinary.

- Our work-off is compelling evidence that schools don’t have to choose between high levels of mastery and knowledge and skills, and students full of joy in learning, who are becoming great human beings, and contributing actively to the betterment of their communities.

- It’s song? I can probably imitate it for you.

- [Teacher] Okay.

- It’s like, “chrrrrr”.

- Let’s all end with a great story. Estiven Rodriguez, good looking young guy right here. Could not speak a word of English when he moved to the United States at age of nine. Last month he and his classmates marched down the streets of Washington Heights in New York City through cheering press. The march was to the post office where they mailed in their college applications. This son of a factory worker, didn’t speak much English, just six years ago won a competitive scholarship to Dickinson College this Fall.

- [Narrator] At EL Education 100 percent college acceptance is the standard.

- We don’t want these to be the exceptions. We want these to be the rule.

- [Narrator] Creating exceptional scholars, citizens and people is our goal.

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