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EL Education 2016 National Conference in Detroit

Highlights from the EL Education 2016 National Conference in Detroit.


- There’s no better place in Detroit. A city built on determination and innovation, to learn the value of working together to create something bigger than ourselves.

- A tour that we call “From Growing Our Economy to Growing Our Souls.”

- This is about your journey as educators, as healers, as people who are committed to the lives of education of young people. When are you going to do it?

- We believe that every student, every student, wants to contribute things of value to the world.

- Don’t dismiss service for the sake of losing academic rigor. They need to co-exist. Don’t sacrifice what gives purpose to what you teach us and what we want to learn.

- Gathering of extended family, more than a conference, of a crew. It’s connected by an important set of shared beliefs of how education can, and should be, for all students.

- This is an opportunity for us to come and have our souls fed and knowledge expanded.

- The key is to keep tinkering towards better, and to keep loving your students to mine the wisdom they already have.

- To go to the problem and find solutions.

- [Woman] Adults and students work together to meet challenges with the courage and sense of optimism to do more than you ever thought possible.

- [Man] I can’t wait for Monday with my crew. Thank you E.L.

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