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Effective Learners

Part of the Character Framework Collection

Students work to become effective learners who do more than they think possible. They develop the mindsets and skills for success in college, career, and life: initiative, responsibility, perseverance, and collaboration.


- So, you gotta write what he did well and what he needs to work on and,

- [Narrator] They close by discussing progress on group goals.

- [Instructor] So, even if you haven’t made it to mastery, if you come from emerging to developing, that’s growth, and we shout out all of it.

- When I saw the children take on the roles, the leadership roles: the facilitator, the time-keeper and they could do it without me, and I didn’t have to get up so much from my small group to see what they were doing or to remind them of things, and I saw that oh, this can work!

- Everybody open their books and read.

- We’ve written a lot of DBQs, so we already understand the perspective of writing a DBQ essay.

- This would be good for, explain the impact of fascist ideology on the German people.

- Yeah.

- Now we’re actually thinking like a person who designs DBQ essay and it takes a lot more thinking, it makes you think like, is this document useful? Are you giving the student the resources he or she needs?

- Most 10th grade classrooms are focused on writing a DBQ essay. You guys took it a step further, and you created your own DBQ essay. And then, you took it a step even further, and you thought about the thinking of the creation.

- Specifically for images, I feel like we should look at how much they say, because we have the entrance to Auschwitz. If you don’t have background knowledge on that, you would never guess what it is, right? That was one of the documents I picked for the DBQ, and I had to like, pair it up with another picture, because it’s like, not something you can pull from.

- Fantastic! So, does it give the student enough information? What connections did they see, and what disparities did they see between our shared vision of what historians do, and what we’re doing as history teachers in this project task.

- I feel like it’s the job of a historian to come to the conclusions by analyzing the documents, and then it’s the job of the history teacher to take these ideas that have already been formed, and pass them onto the students. It gets them to think about the why.

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