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Deeper Instruction

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Teachers craft lessons and design rich learning experiences that challenge, engage, and empower students in consequential work, and build genuine understanding, independence, and leadership. As much as possible, students work as scientists, historians, writers, mathematicians, and artists.


- Welcome to the second grade expedition celebration. Today we are celebrating months of hard work and are premiering our ebook, Slithering Snakes Stories.

- [Narrator] High quality reading, writing and speaking happen when kids feel passion and purpose for their studies. In second grade, at Conservatory Lab Charter School in Boston, Massachusetts, students research snakes for their study called, Don’t Be Scared: The Truth About Snakes.

- Look at her tail, what did you notice about her tail? Isaac.

- It’s round and short.

- [Narrator] When student learning results in high quality products, there’s a deeper level of effort and engagement. In prior years, studies of snakes culminated in books, posters and a music video viewed by over 40,000 people.

- We’re at the point where we’re wrapping up our case study and investigation into the use of this TALEN gene therapy, which is a particular gene editing technique that’s being used to combat Duchenne’s disease. We are going to be able to have a bioethical debate or an academic conversation, that talks about the use of TALEN gene therapy as a means to combat Duchenne’s. ...and they produced a figure that I thinks going gonna be interesting to us. To match sort of where their level of science is, I went to the figures and the data tables and found this particular figure that was a demonstration of what happens when this gene therapy is used.

- So we go into the document and we’ll look for everything we know and we’ll try to piece it together.

- The stop is no longer there.

- So basically after they, they go back into the amino acids they basically readjust the reading frames.

- [Teacher] Sometimes the conditions are ideal for students to do some deeper thinking. Those can include students being really engaged in the topic. They have the familiarity with the background knowledge. They also are very comfortable using vocabulary and interacting with that vocabulary and they are aware that there is more that they need to understand.

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