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Creating Class Norms

Management in the Active Classroom

Tapping into the hopes and dreams of your class provides guidance for the norms you'll live by all year.


- [Narrator] Classroom norms for respect and communication can make all students feel more safe and focused.

- Would you read aloud the debate question and norms please?

- Listen and respond to each other rather than just--

- [Narrator] When students are involved in building the norms themselves, with their own ideas and language.

- Think about situations where you learn best.

- [Narrator] The norms are more meaningful and effective.

- [Teacher] What makes it that way? What are you doing? What are the qualities and characteristics?

- [Narrator] Norms are not a list of rules or bad behaviors to avoid.

- Encouraging others.

- Give and receive good, helpful feedback.

- [Narrator] They are a list that describes the positive environment they want to live in.

- We’re gonna open the floor for apologies and acknowledgements and remembering that this is a time to acknowledge--

- [Narrator] For norms to work, they must be considered and discussed almost every day.

- Maybe things didn’t go so well for you as they could have today.

- I apologize to Anthony because I got him mad in fitness.

- I acknowledge David and McDowlett for letting me sit at their table at lunch.

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