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Contributing to a Better World Shorts: Greg Farrell

Greg Farrell was the founder and first president of EL Education. He retired as President and CEO in 2008, and currently serves on our Board. In this video, screened at the EL Education 2017 (25th Anniversary) National Conference in Chicago, IL, he reflects on how EL Education has contributed to a better world.


Greg Farrell:    I think EL contributes to a better world first of all by bringing out the best in thousands and thousands of students who go to EL schools and are in classrooms taught by EL teachers, and bringing out the best as students, as human beings and getting them a sense of possibilities that they wouldn’t have had otherwise and that releases them out into the world to do [00:00:30] great things and I think the second thing is it is the same with teachers. They gave teachers who want to improve the world and change the world and make the world a better place, a place to work and a place to grow, and to get better and get on a quest themselves, and leave their … take their kids on quest.

      Then it has whole schools where this is possible and that multiplies the power so as the teachers are working together in a coherent way to do good things and bring out [00:01:00] the best in people and in each other. If you’ve been in EL schools you’ve see it in the students and you see it in the teachers and in the administrators too. Then at the level of the practice there are these things that happen in EL schools that don’t happen in most places, ways of going about things, practices which spread beyond most classrooms. Other people pick up on these practices. EL is making videos and other things like that for pieces of these things to be picked [00:01:30] up and generating materials so that makes the world a better place too.

       Then they’re the ideas behind the practices, the root ideas of being the best you can be and looking up for the other person and not doing it just for yourself and doing things you think are impossible and seeking adventure and seeking adventure in the context of service, in service in the context of adventure and all those profound thing. [00:02:00] Maybe the last of it, maybe the least of it, but also significant is that in the EL schools kids go out and do substantial good works in their communities and we tend to focus on that but I think bay before that there’s all the things that happened to them as human beings would make them better people and therefore contributors to a better world.


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