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Transformational Literacy Videos

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Linked to EL Education's book of the same title, this collection of short videos shows how to help your students connect their hard work as readers and writers to their futures as contributors to stronger communities and a better world. 

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Part One: Introduction of Unlocking the Power of Informational and Literary Texts

Chapter 1: Choosing Worthy Texts

Chapter 2: Bringing Text to Life

Part Two: Introduction of Reading and Writing with Evidence

Chapter 3: Evidence-Based Reading, Thinking, Talking, and Writing

Chapter 4: From Deep Understanding to High-Quality Written Work

Chapter 5: Building Strong Writers with Models, Critique, and Descriptive Feedback

Part Three: Introduction of Supporting All Students to Succeed with Complex Texts

Chapter 6: Creating the Conditions for Success with Complex Texts

Chapter 7: Helping Students Read Closely