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We Are Crew: A Teamwork Approach to School Culture Videos

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Based on the book by the same title, these videos show the culture and structure of Crew in action at schools around the country and abroad.

To watch the other videos referenced, use these links:

Supporting Personalized Learning through Advisory
Knowing Every Child through Index Card Rosters
Building Perspective through Meaningful Discussion
Environmental Justice: Detroit's Past Present and Future
Elevating Student Voice through Senior Talks

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Chapter 1: Creating a Culture of Crew

Chapter 2: Building Staff Crew

Chapter 3: Creating a Structure of Crew

Chapter 4: Helping Students Become Effective Learners through Crew

Chapter 5: Helping Students Become Ethical People through Crew

Chapter 6: Helping Students Contribute to a Better World through Crew

Chapter 7: Preparing for the Postsecondary Journey in Crew

Improving Crew Across the School

Appendix: Virtual Crew

Other Crew Multimedia