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Classroom Responsibilities

Management in the Active Classroom

Giving students classroom jobs invests them in taking care of their space.


- Start thinking about your responsibilities as the leader. So Kevin, right after I give you your necklace, I want you to get to your first center and start setting up. Are you ready for the responsibilities? Okay.

- [Narrator] Students can be in charge of many of the responsibilities in a classroom. Including set-up, clean up, care for materials, and helping others.

- Kevin, so you had to set up the play-doh center first. So would you give yourself a thumbs up or a sideways thumb for that part of your responsibility. All the way up.

- [Narrator] It is important that all students have responsibilities. Through whole class routines, or rotating roles or job charts. So that all build independence, and an ethic of service.

- We are going to do our department meetings, just like we did last week. So it’s going to be a chance to get together, talk about what’s going well, what your challenges are, and what you need from your team.

- What challenges are you facing?

- People are sometimes sassy.

- [Narrator] Students themselves can help refine what jobs are needed and what it would look like, if they were well done.

- What’s going well?

- People let me take the papers and put them in the turn-in bins.

- Today, we’re gonna be noticing and evaluating roles that we have within crew.

- [Narrator] Jobs will be done well consistently, only if they are regularly assessed and discussed. A quality control process, with student reflections.

- And explain why it is important to the functioning of our crew.

- Well, we picked the role scribe because when we were making our crew roles, like the scribe made sure everybody’s ideas were on the board.

- If they’re gonna facilitate anything, I feel like you have to be really engaged in it and really want to do it and not just do it cause you have to. But that you really wanna do it. And when you have a leader that--

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