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Classroom Protocols in Action: Think-Pair-Share

This video shows primary students learning and using the Think-Pair-Share protocol as a simple way for all students to get a chance to think, talk, and learn from others. Students first practice with an easier question from personal experience, and then with one that is text-based. This video is narrated by students, and can be shown to students to help them learn this simple routine for productive conversations.


- Iris, my love. I have some news to tell you. I’m going to have a baby. Turn to you partner in three, two, one.

- Think-Pair-Share is a simple and quick and fun way for everyone to get their chance to talk.

- If this is a new activity in your classroom, it’s a good idea to practice with a easy question first.

- Before we start with a story, Iris and Walter and Baby Rose, you’re gonna get a chance to do the Think-Pair-Share with your partner. So remember how we’ve been talking, that’s about--

- [Gideon] Here are the steps to Think-Pair-Share.

- [Trinity] First you think about the question.

- What is your favorite thing to do at school? When you know your answer, put your thumb on your knee.

- [Gideon] Then you pair up with a partner. It’s a good idea to repeat the question first.

- My favorite thing to do at school is math.

- [Trinity] And remember, each person gets a turn.

- Recess and lunch.

- OK, so we thought about it, we talked to our partner, who wants to share one thing?

- Finally, you share out and talk about it as a whole class.

- Armani?

- Mine is free choice.

- So my favorite thing to do is?

- My favorite thing to do is free choice.

- OK and eyes back on me, nice job.

- [Trinity] Now that you’ve practiced, and you are ready to Think-Pair-Share about what you’re reading and learning about, make sure the teacher reads the question aloud first.

- The first question you’re going to be thinking about is how does Iris feel about having a baby sister at the beginning of the story? I’m gonna be a big sister, Iris shouted. We’ll get to push the baby in the carriage, we’ll feed it a bottle. It will be just like playing doll. I want you to think, how does Iris feel about having a baby sister? When you know, thumb on your knee. And remember, be specific. Tell me some exact things that happen in the book that let you know. Thumb on your knee when you have your answer. We’re gonna start with partner B this time. So turn in three, two, one. Knee to knee, eye to eye.

- She feel happy because then they goin’ to be able to feel.

- In the beginnin’ she is very very happy ‘cause the baby is comin’.

- OK, and come back to me on sparkles. K, hands back in your lap.

- [Gideon] After talking with a partner, the whole class gets to share their thinking together.

- How is Iris feeling about having a baby at the beginning of this story? Kevontay, I heard you an Ronel talking about it. Can you tell me in a nice, loud voice?

- She felt like she was really excited about the baby ‘cause she got to feed bottles to her.

- So, I love that I heard Kevontay use a specific example from the book. She was excited. She’s excited about feeding a bottle.

- [Trinity] See how easy it is to get everybody thinking about and sharing their ideas?

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