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Crew Culture

Part of the Character Framework Collection

Schools establish and cultivate Habits of Character, such as Respect, Responsibility, Courage, Kindness, and promote and discuss these habits every day, within and beyond classrooms. The school community exemplifies educator Kurt Hahn’s vision that we are all “crew, not passengers,” working together as a team for the common good.


- So Crew for Hollis is a day to day, day in, day out, all day process.

- We start off our every single day implementing culture and crew for 30 minutes. It’s just naturally embedded throughout every lesson, throughout every subject. We have six Habits of Hollis: Creativity.

- Creativity!

- [Teacher] You have to be creative.

- Perseverance.

- Persevere, never give up.

- [Adela] Self-discipline.

- Showing self-discipline, I like it.

- [Adela] Empathy, communication, collaboration.

- [Fariyo] Being a school with a lot of students who are diverse, Casco Bay High School does a really good job of integrating and making it a very accepting environment for all students.

- [Derek] We do that through structures that support that happening, whether that’s Crew or teams of teachers working with teams of kids.

- [Emma] From the very start, from when I was a freshman, I totally got that this school is focused on community.

- We do trips with the freshman where we send them out in the wild for three days and four nights to really form community and to learn how to battle through the struggles of being with people who aren’t like you. It also happens through every day, a gazillion actions where adults show compassion and reach out to kids.

- The freshmens are put together in crews which is basically your family for the rest of the four years that you’re here at Casco Bay High school.

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