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Card 9 - Give Bees A Chance

From the Models of Excellence Project Card Collection

6th Grade
Genesee Community Charter School
Rochester, NY

Sixth grade students, as part of a learning expedition about 
the importance of honeybees and the threat of Colony Collapse Disorder, created a book to celebrate the lives and contributions of local beekeepers.

Give Bees A Chance
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Students interviewed and worked with local beekeepers to understand their work, and their concerns and ideas about CCD. They learned about the importance of bees and pollination in the ecosystem and farm economy, and they developed hands-on knowledge about the lives and care of bees.

Their book was professionally published in their in-school publication center to honor the important work of the beekeepers and inform the public of the importance of this issue. The work in the book was also the basis of a museum exhibit that was displayed at the Seneca Zoo. Proceeds from student work were used to support beekeeping.

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