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Card 6 - Faces of the Great Depression

From the Models of Excellence Project Card Collection

5th Grade
Fitchburg Arts Academy 
Fitchburg, MA

As part of a learning expedition about The Great Depression, fifth grade students followed their historical research with in-person interviews of senior citizens to document personal stories from that era. The learning expedition involved reading of primary and secondary source documents, novels set in that period, and analysis of collections of photographs as text.

Faces of the Great Depression
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Students worked in small teams to interview a senior citizen and capture his or her narrative in a third-person story for the book. Text was accompanied by photographs and hand-drawn portraits created by students. The personal stories brought The Great Depression to life: stories of hardship, courage and humor.

Each senior was presented a bound copy of the book in appreciation of their support for the student learning and the relationships built from this collaboration.

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