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Card 30 - Toy Alphabet

From the Models of Excellence Project Card Collection

Dr. Walter Cooper Academy
Rochester, NY

Kindergarten students, as part of a learning expedition about toys, created an alphabet poster on which each letter is represented by a corresponding toy. They produced high-quality color copies of the poster to be shared with classrooms within the school and across the city and nation.

Toy Alphabet
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During the learning expedition, students studied “toys over time” to help understand history. They worked with local experts at The National Museum of Play, an interactive museum in Rochester, NY, to learn about how the change in toys over the years reflected changes in lifestyles and technology.

Students worked through multiple drafts of illustrations and writing, with critique from peers and teachers, to produce a high- quality final product. They presented copies of their poster to the Pre-Kindergarten class at their school as an act of service.

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