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Card 20 - Our Presumpscot School Community

From the Models of Excellence Project Card Collection

Presumpscot Elementary School
Portland, ME

Kindergarten students created a set of “community cards” to serve as a staff directory for their school and to be used with visitors, family members and new students to orient people to their school. Each card has a photo of the staff member, a drawing of a tool that staff member uses in his or her work, and information about his or her job and interests in their life beyond the school.

Our Presumpscot School Community
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On the reverse side of each card is a map of the school highlighting the site where that staff member works.

The kindergartners used this project to get to know their 
school as a physical place and to build relationships with, and appreciation for, the adults who work there. They honed their skills as researchers, writers, illustrators and photographers.

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