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Card 19 - One Earth Step Gently: 23 Ways You Can Help our Planet

From the Models of Excellence Project Card Collection

1st and 2nd Grades
Grass Valley Charter School
Grass Valley, CA

First and second grade students, as part of a learning expedition on ecology and the earth, created a professional-quality children’s book for younger students and families with suggestions of how to protect the planet. The learning expedition including collecting data at supermarkets and stores of the frequency of use of plastic, paper and re-usable bags, and supporting a campaign for a county-wide ban on plastic bags.

One Earth Step Gently:  23 Ways You Can Help our Planet
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Students borrowed a collage illustration style from artist Eric Carle, and went through many drafts of images before gluing down each final page. They honed their language to make it engaging and clear for younger readers.

The students sent a copy of the book to author Shim Shimmel, whose book had inspired them in their learning about how to protect the earth.

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