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Card 15 - Life in a Vernal Pond

From the Models of Excellence Project Card Collection

7th Grade
Four Rivers Charter Public School
Greenfield, MA

As part of a learning expedition about vernal pools, middle school students at this rural school created a field guide to vernal pool for younger students that has standard text features— description, habitat, diet, life cycle, range, natural history and taxonomy—as well as artwork and folktales.

Life in a Vernal Pool
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The learning expedition also involved scientific research at a local vernal pool and a political initiative to establish the pool  as a state-certified vernal pool entitled to protection from development. Students worked year-round to collect data on species present at the site to make their case to the state.

Copies of the field guide were donated to schools and the public library. The student research and campaign successful resulted in the designation of their site as the first state-certified vernal pool in their town.

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