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Students—all students—are supported and valued as part of an inclusive learning community. Students can bring their full identities to school, and trust that they will be respected for who they are and also inspired to be their best selves.


- [Keith] Here we are, we have like, what, three or four days left together as a crew? This is a time for us to kind of just think about where we’ve been. And Leslie is gonna facilitate our discussion.

- What challenges have you faced in the past seven years? How did you get through them?

- As a crew, I’m probably speaking for every one in here. I think we certainly faced a problem with stability.

- [Ron Berger] Each morning, they share their feelings, their academic progress, and their problems with their peers. So public explanations of their growth as scholars and as human beings is built into the day here.

- [Maryanne] I love this book because it talks about a country in Africa, and I’m from Africa. And there’s, I don’t know a lot about Africa.

- [Teacher] This is a compelling topic where a lot of our students see themselves in the story. “So they had to make do with whatever was at hand.”

- [Student] When we started reading this book, I heard a lot of kids from Africa, not just me, they were like, “finally we’re learning something “about the war, whole war in Africa.”

- [Teacher] When they are compelled and interested in the topic... Why would there be fear? Connie? ...they are willing to work really hard and work with challenging texts.

- Because she might lose her brother and her dad, and she doesn’t want that to happen.

- [Teacher] When they see that they already have some knowledge to bring to it, they’re gonna feel like they can walk through the door. I’m very purposeful about groupings within my classroom, and thinking about the best way to give all students the opportunity to talk with their peers and to learn from each other and also to teach one another.

- ...caught up from each other for as long as anyone can remember.

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