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A – Z books

Part of the Projects at Home Collection

Create an illustrated A,B,C book for young readers with an original theme.

To get started with this project, check out these models:


  1. You can create an A-Z Book (also called an A,B,C Book) for yourself, or for a younger friend or family member. Because A-Z books are usually for young readers, they often have illustrations for each page.
  2. A-Z books can have a theme if you wish, so that your book is about a particular topic. For example, our models have topics such as earthworms, Egypt, and American Sign Language handshapes.
  3. Some letters are challenging and you will need to be creative. For example, not many words start with the letter X, so these books often find a way to make X-ray fit the topic (E is for Earthworm tells us that X-Rays of earthworms show no bones).

Working on Projects at Home is different than working in school.
We do not give you lessons or directions.
We give you models of each project to look at carefully, and then you decide how to adopt the project for your interests, skills, materials, time, and any new ideas you have.
Your project does not have to look like the models—it can be inspired by the models.
If you are proud of what you created, we encourage you to share it online with the hashtag: #ProjectsAtHome.

From An A-Z Book on Homelessness


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