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Student Keynote Moments (Genesee Community Charter) - EL Education 2010 National Conference in Kansas City

This video is the student keynote from students at Genesee Community Charter School (short version). 


- Five minutes to the start of the scariest presentation of our lives. Aside from this one, of course. Four incredible journeys to cities that had inspired and informed us. Three months of preparation for this capstone speech. Two miles of Broad Street begging for revitalization. One door between my class and the Mayor of Rochester. Now I’m pretty sure this is what you all might call a high stakes assessment.

- Mayor Bob Duffy got some suggestions this morning on how to bring Rochester back to life. One proposal brings the Erie Canal back downtown but the idea didn’t come from adults, sixth graders from the Genesee Charter School made a Power Point presentation to the Mayor this morning. They studied the benefits of turning the city’s old subway bed back into a canal. They visited four other cities that have canals. The students shared stories from San Antonio, Ottawa, Providence and Oklahoma City.

- We learned from all four cities that revitalizations of their waterways sparked economic growth, brought people together and created pride in the community.

- Rochester was once a boom town with a thriving canal and later a running subway. Now the tunnel is deserted an the canal path a street. This abandoned tunnel has become a dangerous unprotected place.

- [Boy] Using a computer design software called Sketch ‘Em we incorporated technology with art. And created visual representations of what our own new canal front could become.

- My name is Bob Duffy. I’m the Mayor of the city of Rochester and I would just like to say that as I first came into office in 2006 I had the pleasure of meeting a sixth grade class of Genesee Community Charter School and they had just completed a project on re-watering our canal. Four and half years later we are at a point in time we are very close to uncovering all the funding needed to finish phase one of this very transformational project of the historic Erie Canal here in Rochester.

- Genesee gave me such a profound appreciation for my education and involved with my own community that I branched out and joined the Rochester Student Judicial Council and the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council. I also pioneered with my father a green movement in which we’ve organized a summit, working with the city of Rochester, community based organizations and large recycling corporations. In addition to joining various community groups I organized things like health fairs and received grants that I wrote myself. I believe all of these things have been made possible because expeditionary learning taught me how to think critically, speak effectively, act professionally and work communally.

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