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Winnona Park Students Learn in Service of Baton Rouge School

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    Sarah Norris

Students in first grade at the Decatur, GA elementary school donated books--including one they wrote--to Denham Elementary in Baton Rouge, LA. Denham was severely impacted by the flooding in August, 2016. 

First-graders at Winnona Park engage in a learning expedition called “Everybody Has a Story,” and this year the service learning component of their work reached beyond their own community to one in particularly great need. Denham Elementary has recently re-opened in a temporary space, and one of their main needs has been books for their library. 

Their previous library was under more than three feet of water last summer, and as the principal Gail DeLee notes, “in an elementary school, you put everything that the students like down low.”

Winnona Park’s PTA coordinated book donations for the new space, and first graders wrote their own stories to be collected and presented to the school. 

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