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William Smith Students Innovate in Aurora

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    Sarah Norris

William Smith High School is an EL Education Credentialed School in Aurora, Colorado.

Students in Rudi Monterroso’s class at William Smith High School are using their knowledge and skills to address a local issue in a new way: they are designing and building lightweight, portable structures to be used by people experiencing homelessness when other shelter is not accessible.

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Rudi Monterroso, Skyler Young and Gabe Amos with one of the shelters. Photo by Philip B. Poston/Aurora Sentinel

Students have engineered and constructed shelters already, but are also in search of an institutional partner and are working on a presentation to city government.

As an article in the Aurora Sentinel notes, ”While Monterroso is leading the class, the students are leading the project. The class lead the design process, raised funds for needed supplies and are in the process of building the two shelters. Students cut, sand, weld and solder every piece for the shelters.”

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Leanore Morgan (left) and Gabe Amos welding the frame of the shelter. Photo by Philip B. Poston/Aurora Sentinel

This kind of project exemplifies much of what’s integral to EL Education: getting smart to do good, solving real problems in new ways, and an ethic of service that respects the agency of those we hope to serve (Monterroso has experienced homelessness himself).  Congratulations to the students leading this project on the public recognition of your meaningful work. 

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