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WIlliam Smith High School Celebrated in Denver Post

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    Sarah Norris

William Smith High School is an EL Education Credentialed school in Aurora, Colorado.

In a district that’s struggled mightily for years, William Smith High School stands out for both its approach and its results. 

A recent front-page story in the Denver Post highlighted some of the school’s structures supporting student achievement--courses like “Chicken Tenders” in which students learn genetics, zoology, and ethics as they hatch and then raise chicks.

From an EL Education perspective, this kind of learning works to support student achievement in all three dimensions--mastery of the knowledge and skills needed to understand chicken biology; the authentic and complex work of tending well to living beings; the ethical character needed to make sound decisions about the chicks’ fate. 

This work is important in its own right, and also serves to raise traditional measures of achievement. According to the Post: “William Smith had the state’s fourth-highest median growth percentile on the statewide English test. In other words, William Smith students, on average, showed greater improvements than 89 percent of Colorado students who scored similarly to them the previous year.”

Congratulations to the staff and students of William Smith for this very public recognition of your remarkable work! 

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Header photo credit: Joe Amon, The Denver Post