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WHEELS sixth-graders name just-discovered Dominican Republic-native wasp species

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    Alexis Margolin

Sixth graders at NYC Outward Bound Schools' WHEELS in NYC recently enjoyed an honor that most scientists only dream of. WHEELS students received a special request from an entomologist at New York's Museum of Natural History to help name a newly-discovered species of wasp.

La Luz Brillante--the name chosen by the students at WHEELS--means "the bright light" in Spanish.


The school has many students from the Dominican Republic, home territory for “La Luz Brillante.” Entomologist Bernando Santos thought WHEELS students would be a fitting choice for the honor.

Also, one of the school's science teachers, Sarah Rosenblum, has long been part of the Museum's Urban Advantage Middle School Science program.

Learn more about La Luz Brillante and the students at WHEELS in this Daily News New York article.