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We Proudly Present: "Contributing to a Better World: Walking in Solidarity"

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    Sarah Norris

A new video from EL Education, on what we hold dear.

You may have seen previous posts connected to a hate incident that deeply affected--and galvanized-- the Casco Bay High School Community in Portland, ME. EL Education is proud to feature that community’s beautiful and meaningful response to the event in a new video, “Contributing to a Better World: Walking in Solidarity.”

You may not know that one of the students targeted in the incident is someone you’ve very likely seen before: Atak, the boy who offers specific feedback about wing shape, and draws our attention to the perseverance necessary for Austin to improve his scientific butterfly drawing in EL Education’s most-watched video, seen by over a million educators.

Atak And Ron

For us, ”contributing to a better world” isn’t just a nice lead-in; it’s a major aspect of what we consider character, and so, to us, is a form of student achievement. 

We honor Atak and all the Casco Bay community members  for what they have achieved in responding to this event with such profound Crew spirit. We are proud to walk with you.