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We Need Your Vote: SXSW EDU 2021!

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We need your vote! The EL Education community has submitted four session proposals to the SXSW EDU conference. Now through November 20th, you can help EL Education students, teachers, leaders, and experts make it to the stage by voting for their session in the Panel Picker.

Sessions from the EL Education community include:

How To Vote:

Voting is quick and easy. Follow these simple steps to vote for the EL Education sessions:

  1. Register online at http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote
  2. Search for the panels or click the links above
  3. Click the “vote up” button
  4. Promote on your social channels and encourage others to vote!

Read More About Our Sessions:

Schooling for Critical Consciousness of Racism

What does it take for students to become active contributors to a better world? Researchers point to critical consciousness: the ability to analyze the social forces shaping our communities, including racial injustice. Critically conscious students achieve positive outcomes—resilience, self-esteem, academic excellence, and civic engagement—tools for building more just communities. Learn from educators and experts about fostering critical consciousness and empowering students to shape the future.

A Teamwork Approach to School Culture

Students and staff count on school communities to be safe, affirming, and healing, whether classes are in-person, remote, or hybrid. Academic success depends on it, and the health and wellness of students and staff depends on it. Hear directly from educators who use Crew—a meeting structure and a way of being—to develop school cultures that nurture social-emotional and academic development, affirm diverse identities, support courageous conversations, fosters belonging, and center relationships.

Detroit Speaks: Reclaiming the Right to Literacy

In 2018, Detroit students sued the state of Michigan for depriving children of their right to literacy, citing underfunded and underperforming schools. Just a year later, Detroit students’ ELA scores showed the greatest single-year improvement on state tests (M-STEP) in the history of the exam! What changed? Hear from a Detroit student, teacher, and leader about the powerful new literacy curriculum, professional learning, and vision that are transforming Detroit schools into engines for equity.

High-Speed Connections: Community in Online PD

The abrupt pivot to virtual professional development was met with trepidation, but satisfaction rates went through the roof. By combing thousands of participant survey responses over the course of five months, The EL Education team identified feedback trends, debriefed daily, and enacted “micro-moves” to immediately and measurably improve the experience for everyone. Come hear about these micro-moves that can be made in any type of virtual engagement to foster inclusivity and build community.