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Video Feature: Students Own their Progress—Using Data with Students

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    April Hattori

6th grade students at Genesee Community Charter School in Rochester, NY track their strengths and weaknesses through analysis of their own homework and test data. Students articulate how they use this data to focus their studies and improve their skills. Teachers can help students own their progress by:

  • Establishing a culture of safety for looking at data and develop students' data literacy
  • Listing relevant learning targets on classwork, homework, and assessments
  • Creating learning target trackers and other forms or digital tools for students to keep track of their progress
  • Modeling how to look for patterns in data, including written work, math problems, and outcomes from standardized texts.
  • Providing class time for students to work with data, reflect on their goals and outcomes, and synthesize their work

The video is one of 27 videos that accompany Expeditionary Learning's new book, Leaders of Their Own Learning: Transforming Schools through Student-Engaged Assessment.