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Two Rivers in Educational Writers Association Spotlight

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    Sarah Norris

Two Rivers Public Charter School is an EL Education Credentialed Mentor School in Washington, DC.

“The students at Two Rivers Public Charter School conducted research. But they didn’t stop there.” 

So begins a piece on the Educational Writers Association blog highlighting this flagship EL Education school for reasons we are so proud to see recognized.  This extensive post takes Expeditions, Community Meetings, Passage Portfolios, and other structures seriously, quoting students and staff about the power of doing school this way. “I like the hands-on learning,” said one fifth-grader. “We’re not just sitting there listening to the teacher talk all day long.”

On Expeditions: “First-graders last year conducted an expedition about spiders, including why they are good for the ecosystem. The student drawings of spiders were displayed prominently in a school hallway. Fourth-graders investigated the history of the Jamestown settlement in Virginia, and considered multiple perspectives, including that of Africans, colonists, and Native Americans. Seventh-graders focused on restoring the Anacostia River watershed.”

On Passage Portfolios: “It’s kind of like a master’s defense,” [Chief Academic Officer Maggie] Bello said. “You’re defending your education at Two Rivers and you have to pass. And if you don’t pass, you have to redo it. It’s high stakes. And so that builds character and perseverance, growth mindset.”

(Read much more here.)

Congratulations to Two Rivers staff and students for this recognition of your powerful work!