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Twitterchat March 2nd: Transforming Classrooms with Deeper Learning

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    April Hattori

Over the past few weeks, #edchatEL has been discussing high quality work and why it matters as part of a deeper learning series. In this week's #edchatEL, we'll explore more on how deeper learning can lead to transformational change in a school as we dig deeper into EL Education's Three Dimensions of Student Achievement.

[Note:  To see the Storify summary of the chat, click here.]

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Ron Berger, Chief Academic Officer at EL Education, wrote, ”One key aspect of Deeper Learning means expanding a one-dimensional view of student achievement to a three-dimensional view: joining test scores to high-quality student work and character. This single change could be transformational education in the U.S.: students and schools would be accountable for the things that actually matter in the world. “High-achieving” would now mean “the kind of school I want my kids to attend to prepare them for a great life,” rather than “a school that currently has good test scores.” 

How can teachers implement Deeper Learning in their classrooms? 

Framing questions

Q1: What is EL’s expanded definition of student achievement and why is it relevant to the deeper learning framework? 
Q2: How do you give students opportunity to “grapple” with content/concepts? 
Q3: What types of learning does your school see as “relevant” or “empowering”? 
Q4: How do you engage students in deeper learning?