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Twitterchat February 23: How does high quality work drive learning in your school?

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    April Hattori

In the first part of this series on high quality student work last week, we talked about what high quality student work looks like and why it matters. (Here's the Storify transcript for Part 1.) Join us for Part 2:

  • Thursday, February 23rd
  • 7 pm EST
  • #edchatEL

[Editor’s note: Here is the Storify transcript from Part 2.]

We’ll continue to dive deeper in Part 2 with the question, how does high quality work drive learning in your school?  EL Education’s Wanda McClure, School Designer, and April Hattori, Communications Director, will co-moderate the chat. 

In our book Learning That Lasts, authors Ron Berger, Libby Woodfin, and Anne Vilen speak to “challenging, engaging and empowering students with deeper instruction” and the importance of planning student outcomes. Diving deeper, they outline some specific structures, strategies and resources that teachers and school leaders can use to support the kind of deeper learning that leads to high quality work:

  • Mastery of core academic content
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Collaboration 
  • Effective communication 
  • Self-directed learning 
  • Academic mindsets
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We’ll be using Learning That Lasts and the resources below as we discuss how high quality work can drive the learning in schools. Other resources to help prepare you for the chat:

Framing questions:
Q1. How does your school cultivate a culture of quality?
Q2. How does “deeper learning” support and empower students to produce high quality student work?
Q3. How do you design engaging curriculum that teaches content and skills in a meaningful context?
Q4. How can authenticity and local/real world connections increase student engagement and achievement to support high quality work?

Need a download of the Part 1 conversation that took place on February 16th?  Click here.

We’ll be doing weekly chats on Thursdays through May 25th.  Below are upcoming topics/dates:

  • March 2nd:  Why are EL Education’s three dimensions of student achievement important?
  • March 9th: How do you implement and measure character development?