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Transformational Literacy Online Book Club Kicks Off With Live Google Hangout

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    Alexis Margolin

“For our students, the process of transformation is rarely a single event. Just as wilderness journeys are built of daily courage and perseverance—small steps—the academic journeys of students are built on taking on daily challenges in the class- room. For many students, literacy skills represent the greatest challenge and the most important step toward a successful future in college, career, and citizenship. Transformational Literacy is about taking on those daily challenges in the classroom.”

Join us tomorrow, October 1st, as we kick off our Transformational Literacy online book club. To celebrate the book club launch, we’re hosting a live Google Chat moderated by EL team-members Carrie Fischer, Instructional Design Professional Development Specialist, and Kari Horn Lehman, Professional Development Specialist.

Ask questions and share insights with panelists and Transformational Literacy authors, Ron
Berger and Cheryl Dobbertin. Also joining the conversation will be Tollgate Elementary School Principal Laurie Godwin and Conservatory Lab Charter School second-grade teacher Jenna Gampel—both of whom were featured in Transformational Literacy.

Here’s what we’ll be discussing at the Hangout:

  • Highlights from the book

  • Challenges that teachers and students face as they relate to meeting higher academic standards as well as ways to support teachers and students as they navigate these challenges

  • Ideas for how to keep students engaged in relevant content

You'll also have a chance to take a guided tour of, where we’ll be hosting our online book club. If you haven’t already signed-up for the book club, just follow these simple steps: RSVP to the Google Hangout launch at