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This Summer, Dive into These Inspiring Reads from EL Education

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What's on your summer reading list?  

The selections below by EL Education authors are great reads that can help school leaders, teachers, or lifelong learners in their journey to support student achievement. 

Click on the titles below to learn more about these rich resources. 

Books Elsite C Book Of Readings

There Is More in Us Than We Know: A Book of Readings

Celebrate EL Education’s 25th anniversary with these words of wisdom from our favorite authors, educators, and inspirational leaders.

Books Elsite C Lotol

Leaders of Their Own Learning: Transforming Schools through Student-Engaged Assessment

Ignite the capacity of students to take responsibility for their own learning and build independence, critical thinking skills, and perseverance.

Books Elsite Curriculum Companion

Your Curriculum Companion: The Essential Guide to Teaching the EL Education K–5 Language Arts Curriculum

“Look under the hood” at the principles and research the curriculum was built on and the instructional practices that make it unique.

Books Elsite C Mac

Management in the Active Classroom

Build a positive classroom culture where students are self-directed and self-disciplined learners.

Books Elsite C Ltl

Learning That Lasts: Challenging, Engaging, and Empowering Students with Deeper Instruction

Promote deeper understanding, higher-order thinking, and student independence with deeper instruction.

Books Elsite C Trans Lit

Transformational Literacy: Making the Common Core Shift with Work That Matters

Help your students connect their hard work as readers and writers to their futures as contributors to stronger communities and a better world.

Books Elsite C Culture Quality

A Culture of Quality: A Reflection on Practice

Experience the power of a positive school culture to shepherd students from all backgrounds toward strong character and scholarship.

Books Elsite C Ethic Excellence

An Ethic of Excellence: Building a Culture of Craftsmanship with Students

Peek inside Ron Berger’s classroom for a vision of educational reform that transcends standards, curriculum, and instructional strategies.

Books Elsite C Roots

Roots: From Outward Bound to Expeditionary Learning

Explore EL Education's roots in the educational philosophy of Kurt Hahn, the founder of Outward Bound.

Books Elsite C Reflections

Reflections on Design Principles

Delve deeper into EL Education’s Design Principles through a series of brief essays.

Books Elsite C Becoming Principal

Becoming a School Principal: Learning to Lead; Leading to Learn

Dig into the dilemmas and challenges principals must confront and learn more about how to learn from mistakes and move forward.