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The Washington Post Spotlights EL Education’s Model for Personalized Learning

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(Above) Members of the crew at King Middle School in Portland, ME, review their “Crew Contract” with Curtis Chapin, a crew adviser and language arts teacher. (Image courtesy of Chris Berdik/The Hechinger Report and The Washington Post)

EL Education’s interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to personalized learning takes center stage in a piece published by The Washington Post, and produced by The Hechinger Report. Ron Berger, EL Education’s chief academic officer, describes how our model puts learning expeditions and Crew at the core of personalized learning. Interactive classrooms at two network schools—King Middle School and Casco Bay High School in Portland, ME—bring the model to life.

“The network sets these schools apart from a more recent wave of personalized learning, which has been dominated by technology and dogged by criticism that it isolates students from each other and from [the] larger purpose of learning,” writes author Chris Berdik.

“I’m skeptical of personalized learning that is too much about kids spending a lot of time on computers marching through discrete tasks at their own pace,” Berger notes. “It pulls kids too often away from doing meaningful work and having meaningful interactions with peers.”

He adds: “Kids in traditional schools sometimes act like they’re on a cruise ship, where they sit on deck and teachers bring them stuff to do. We think of it more like a sailing schooner, where everybody, both kids and adults, are pitching in and swabbing the deck but also charting the course.”

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