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The Expeditionary Learning Middle School celebrates their third Day of Peace event

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    Katie Park

On June 1, students at the Expeditionary Learning Middle School (ELMS) in Syracuse, NY held their third annual Day of Peace celebration. In efforts to make their community a safer place, the students addressed the epidemic of violence through extensive research during the past year.

In preparation for Day of Peace, ELMS students created “documentary films about local abolitionists, physical education, videos about change in making the community healthier,” according to Local Syracuse

Although Day of Peace was a way for the local community to get together and have fun, its main purpose was to advocate for change.
7th grader Chadini Timina said, “We’re trying to create change since there’s a lot of violence going on— a lot of guns and murders. So we are just trying to change. We’re just kids, but we can do a lot of things.”
Local Syracuse covered the Day of Peace celebration here.