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Thanks to Tracy Lynn, Teacher at the Franklin School of Innovation

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    Sarah Norris

Students at the Franklin School of Innovation in Asheville, North Carolina are clear about why eighth grade teacher and crew leader Tracy Lynn earns their gratitude:

"(He) is able to convey whatever ideas he may be teaching, whether how to find the area of a triangle or how to test the water quality of Hominy Creek," says Emma.

"Knowing that I have crew to go to and be able to talk to, lets me know there is some safety at school and there's safety in the world somewhere," says Isabella.

These students were quoted in a WLOS segment, "Thanks to Teachers," which recently celebrated Tracy.

Tracy also reflects on what he loves about his work: "To take part in our learning expedition called 'Water is Life' every year. Being able to get these students out cleaning streams, doing real, meaningful work." And, as a crew leader, he values personally checking in with students, so they have a sense of support from both him and each other. 

You can read and watch the story on Tracy here