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Students at Idaho's Anser Charter School Connect with Local Refugee Students

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    Alexis Margolin

Over 100 seventh and eighth graders from EL Mentor School, Anser Charter School are participating in the Boise Idaho School District Bridge program this year—a program aimed at creating bridges between these students and eighth grade students at neighboring Hillside Junior High, who are refugees.

Anser and Hillside Bridge students are learning about each other as they learn about the world. They have met several times since December in half-hour or longer sessions at Anser, where they are collaborating on art projects and poetry. They will put their poems and art into a book that will go to every Treasure Valley junior high, middle school and high school.

In April, they will put on a public performance to express what they have learned."

Anser's program grew out of a concern by McCall Bennion, an eighth-grader at the school. After her mother attended a refugee conference, McCall became interested in trying to help. "Kids want to do something to raise awareness," she said.

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