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Students at King Middle Win Natural Resources Council of Maine Award

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    Sarah Norris

King Middle School is an EL Education Credentialed Mentor School in Portland, Maine.

After a yearlong community campaign built around an app called Marine Debris Tracker, King Middle School students Addie Farmer and Lainey Randall won the Natural Resource Council of Maine’s “People’s Choice” award for conservation leadership. 

“We urged our community to join us in picking up and tracking trash using the app for about a month,” Farmer said. “To further engage our community we set a goal of 5,000 pieces of trash logged.”

Randall added, “The purpose of this was to get people working hard to reach a goal, but also to show that this app can be used as a resource for individuals to use to set personal goals.”

“This work is so important and necessary because it prevents trash in our community from becoming marine debris, polluting our oceans and threatening our aquatic life,” Farmer said. “If we don’t do something no one will. Keeping our oceans safe is necessary to have a healthy world.”

Randall agreed: “Oceans are a huge part of earth and all life depends on water. Humans have been polluting oceans for a long time and significantly harming all forms of marine life and ecosystems. Large pieces of marine debris can destroy habitats, while smaller forms of marine debris are being consumed by animals.” 

Addie Lainey

Lainey Randall, left, and Addie Farmer, students at King Middle School in Portland, with Lisa Pohlmann, executive director of the Natural Resources Council of Maine. (Photo by Kate Irish Collins)

Congratulations to Addie and Lainey on this recognition of your community impact! 

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