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Students at Anser Charter School Share the Story of Refugee Teens Through Poetry

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    Alexis Margolin

As part of a recent learning expedition, "Story, Human, Home," students at Anser Charter School in Boise, ID met with a group of 24 refugee teens each week from the Bridge Program at Hillside Junior High, a program designed specifically for students learning English. During their meetings, students shared stories, wrote poetry, worked on an original theater piece, and formed friendships. This weekly cultural and artistic exchange was a highlight of the expedition.

The students' inspiring work has resulted in a a published book, theater performances, an NPR feature, and of course, a whole new world of experience and understanding for all of the teens involved. Learn more about Anser's expedition here.

"In working with our refugee buddies, we’ve learned that the strengths are found in the challenges. When everyone has a chance to tell their story, it is the most challenged of people that come forward to tell the most authentic and powerful truth." Sofi Serio Eighth-grader, Anser Charter School