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Student-led Conferences Changing the Face of Parent-Teacher Meetings

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    Alexis Margolin

EL Education's student-led conferences are changing the face of parent-teacher meetings and student progress reporting. This week, students from New York City's WHEELS and Kansas City's Delaware Ridge Elementary were featured in a CBS New York piece focusing student-led conferences, student-led meetings that have taken the place of parent-teacher meetings at EL Education schools for well over a decade.


Scott Hartl, EL Education President & CEO explains how these conferences encourage students to become more invested in their own learning.

“You see them take pride in their learning. You see them get smarter and smarter about what works as a learner for them and you see them get invested,” Hartl said.

The administration at each city public school decides what kind of conference to have. While it’s not mandatory to hold student-led conferences, the Department of Education says it encourages it. Parents are hoping these student-led conferences will encourage their children to take ownership of all their work and behavior at school.

Read the full article and watch the video, including Scott’s interview, here.