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Standing for Excellent and Equitable Education

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    Scott Hartl

To Our Community,

For more than 28 years, EL Education has worked alongside educators from every state to shape public education into a platform for all students to achieve excellence across multiple dimensions: academics, character, and impactful student work. EL Education has seen what is possible when students and teachers are engaged in work that is challenging, affirming, and meaningful: learning and achievement flourish for all.

In EL Education Credentialed schools, 100% graduation rates and college acceptance rates are the norm. According to independent reviewer, the EL Education K-8 Language Arts curriculum remains one of the top-rated programs in the country. Rigorous third-party research studies show that the curriculum, combined with teacher development, measurably lifts teacher practice and student achievement. EL Education students outperform their state and district peers on standardized tests and have contributed award-winning projects to their communities.

These results are possible because of equitable education where all students experience:

  1. Instruction and assessment that challenge, engage, and empower learners
  2. Access to standards-based, content rich, culturally affirming curriculum
  3. School culture that fosters positive identity, belonging, agency, and purpose
  4. Explicit anti-racist discussion, practice, and action

Recent legislation in a number of states misrepresents or misunderstands this vision, in some cases limiting teachers’ ability to speak about issues of race and equality in their classrooms. Contrary to claims, we agree that all students should feel welcome at school and no student should experience indoctrination.

EL Education teachers support students to sharpen their critical thinking and accelerate learning across entire school systems.

As the leader of EL Education, I want to be clear that we continue to be committed to our vision of equity in education because it is the right thing to do, and because it works: decades of research on the Science of Learning and Development, as well as research on our own partnerships, provide powerful evidence that inclusive learning environments drive high achievement for all students of all backgrounds and identities. Students attending schools implementing EL Education instructional approach and using the EL Education curriculum report a higher sense of belonging in school, a greater sense of purpose, and outperform their peers on standardized tests.

“I was raised to believe that effective leaders, in any worthwhile endeavor, must pour their heart and soul into finding solutions to the unique challenges that their organization faces,” says Bill Haithcock, principal of Harborside Academy, an EL Education school in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

From Idaho to North Carolina and beyond, leaders, teachers, and students are facing unprecedented challenges today. Emerging from a pandemic and reckoning with racism that still reverberates throughout our communities, educators work tirelessly to unleash the genius in every child. As an educator for more than three decades, I urge you to stand with us in this effort, through this challenge, to make sure that we can succeed beyond what we imagined was possible. Together, we can educate for a better world.

Scott Hartl

EL Education, President & CEO