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Sierra Expeditionary Learning School Performs Acts of Kindness

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At Sierra Expeditionary Learning, an activity where students wrote something kind on each of their crew members’ backs made the news -- check out this excerpt below from Moonshine Ink by Alaina Reichwald about the importance of kindness -- and a shoutout to EL Education's upcoming Better World Day

Creating Kind Kin

Thursday, March 8, 2018

A wise friend of mine told me that sometimes she feels so overwhelmed with the need and despair in the world that she concentrates on what she can do in the 20-mile radius around her. She asks herself, “how can I leave my family and community better off each day?” That comment touched me deeply. Each morning when we open our eyes we have another opportunity to leave the world a better place by how we show up. Each act of kindness sends a ripple of positive energy into the world and that energy touches every single person through the ripple effect, including us!


Better World Day

On Friday May 4, Sierra Expeditionary Learning School will participate in Expeditionary Learning’s Better World Day. All the school classrooms will flood Truckee with acts of kindness. Would you consider joining us on this day to make our community an extra kind place? Post your act of kindness on our Sierra Expeditionary Learning School Facebook page so we can see what you did. We’d sure love to see you out there.

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