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Seventeen "Must-Reads" for 2017

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    Sarah Norris

Below you'll find some of our best thinking and writing from the last few years...and a bit beyond. 

Timeless Classics:

The Power of Audience by Steven Levy (Educational Leadership)

The Three Dimensions of Student Achievement by Ron Berger (EdWeek’s Deeper Learning blog)

From 2015:

Doing Data Right with EL Education’s Expanded View of Student Achievement by Steven Levy (Educational Leadership)

It’s Time to Change the Conversation About Grit by Ron Berger,

Students As Leaders of Their Own Learning co-authored by Meg Riordan (Edutopia)

Empathy + Critical Thinking = Compassionate Action by Anne Vilen (EdWeek’s Deeper Learning blog)

From 2016:

Four Ways to Motivate Kids to Tackle Complex Texts by Anne Vilen (MiddleWeb)

Six Tips to Help Teachers Deal with an Awful Textbook by Libby Woodfin (Education Week Teacher with Larry Ferlazzo)

Staying Focused When Lesson Plans Fall Apart by Libby Woodfin (Middleweb)

Proven Techniques for Managing an Active Classroom by Anne Vilen (ASCD Express)  

Help Students Read and Think Like Scientists by Libby Woodfin (Middleweb)

Developing Competence and Character Through a Culture of Challenge and Choice by Ryan Maxwell (EdWeek’s Deeper Learning blog)

From 2017:

How We Got Teachers to Love Math—And Improved Our Math Scores by Jeff Heyck-Williams (EdWeek’s Deeper Learning blog)

Saving Democracy: What Schools Can Do by Ron Berger (EdWeek’s Deeper Learning blog)

How to Teach When the Political Is Personal by Sarah Boddy (EdWeek’s Deeper Learning blog)

Hot-Button Topics, Civil Conversations by Anne Vilen (Edutopia)

In the Classroom, Facts Still Matter: Why Teaching Students to Use Evidence is More Important Than Ever, by Anne Vilen (Teachers College Record)