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Scott Hartl featured on as one of "Five Innovators Working To Change the US for the Better"

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Feeling exhausted after the endless campaigns? Tired of the talking heads and the unceasing spin? Worried about the health of our democracy and its ability to get things done? 

Fortunately, social entrepreneurs are working across America on some of our toughest problems, and they’ll continue working regardless of who the next president is. Check out these five Ashoka Fellows below, for example. You can’t vote for them on your ballot, but you can show your support by following them online, donating to their work and volunteering where possible.

Scott Hartl

Want to change teaching practices for hundreds of thousands of educators in one fell swoop? Sure, you can invest in a multi-million dollar lobbying effort to change education policy on Capitol Hill. Or, you can go in through the back-door. In 2012,Expeditionary Learning, best known as a network of 165+ elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the country, won a contract from New York to design the state’s new curricula and teacher training programs to meet the newly adopted Common Core Standards in literacy in grades 3-8.

To date, 45 states and the District of Columbia have adopted the Common Core Standards: the first attempt to establish a nation-wide set of clear learning goals and competencies for students across a range of ages. Expeditionary Learning is now poised to become the preeminent curriculum developer and provider of professional development training for teachers looking to meet those standards. In the process, Scott is tearing down the artificial wall between academic learning and what he terms “citizen education,” believing that schools can and must have both rigorous academic standards and evaluation, and opportunities through which teachers and students can deepen their critical thinking, creativity, and moral development.

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