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Public schools must focus on character and civic action -- our democracy depends on it

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    Ron Berger

EL Education's Chief Academic Officer Ron Berger writes that the activism of Stoneman Douglas students in the aftermath of the tragedy at their school transcends partisanship. 

"These shootings remind us that we live in a democracy and we have a responsibility to stand up and contribute to solutions. This is exactly what motivated students from Stoneman Douglas High School to travel to Tallahassee, Florida last week to contribute their voices to legislative debate. Thomas Jefferson would be proud. This is not a partisan response — it is an American response," Berger notes.

He adds that public schools have a duty to develop informed and contributing citizens. "Students also must be inspired to understand and embrace the responsibilities of living in a democracy, and the importance of working for the common good. Our public schools must reclaim their original charge: to imbue positive character and citizenship to all students while they are learning academic skills."

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