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Ripley Central School Community Gets to Know EL Education

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    Sarah Norris

Every year, EL Education welcomes a small number of new schools to our network. A new partner this year is Ripley Elementary School in Ripley, NY. 

The school's recent open house--its first since joining the EL Education network--was it's best-ever attended, welcoming community members as well as parents to come learn about the school's evolution. As an article celebrating the event in the Post-Journal notes, "The excitement and enthusiasm was palpable. The halls and classrooms hummed with activity." (Sounds like an EL Education school to us!)

Rcs Open House Art Room 1100X795

Photo by David Prenatt

EL School Designer Cindy Rice was among many key participants quoted. “Ripley Central School embodies the spirit of EL Education’s vision and mission, where students achieve more than they think possible, becoming active contributors to building a better world,” Rice said. This open house provided a joyful example of putting this vision into action.”

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