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Redefining Student Achievement

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    Amanda Neville

In a recent piece published by The Walton Family Foundation and written by Ron Berger, EL Education Chief Academic Officer, Ron explores EL Education’s Three Dimensions of Student Achievement—Mastery of Content and Skills, Character, and High Quality Work—and how they are all bound together by EL Education's belief in teamwork.

Ron goes on to explain EL Education’s deep-rooted believes in the idea that students at EL Education schools not only succeed as individuals, but also as a group.

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"At EL Education, we think of success across the entire school: our students don’t succeed unless they have all succeeded. Many of our high schools, including public district and public charter schools sited in low-income communities, are getting every graduate accepted to college, every year."

He adds: "Today, we are serving almost 50,000 students at more than 150 K-12 campuses in over 30 states, and I’m proud of the measurable success we’ve helped students achieve. A recent study by Mathematica Policy Research found that after three years, students at EL Education schools were more than 10 months ahead in math and seven months ahead in reading versus their peers at non-EL Education schools." 

Read the full piece on The Walton Family Foundation website.