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Reading Initiative Founded by Tapestry Charter School Teacher Enters Fifth Year

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    Alexis Margolin

Earlier this month, the Buffalo Reading Invasion--a local reading initiative started by Tapestry Charter School teacher Geoff Schutte--kicked off its fifth year. The Reading Invasion brings the community together through a celebration of literature and a love of reading.


“One of the things we work on here at Tapestry High School is to get kids to find joy in reading independently and appreciation of it. We set up time here at school where kids read quietly every day, and it seemed like something that would be easily transferrable to the community.”

The invasion is held monthly throughout summer on different weekdays. Turnout depends on the weather and venue. Hoyt Lake, Larkinville, the Outer Harbor and public gardens and parks have hosted past reading invasions.

Those who attend are encouraged to bring blankets or chairs. Many use the event as an opportunity to have a picnic. Once the hour-long reading session ends, bookworms are urged to become social butterflies and meet other reading advocates.

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