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Quite a Send-Off for First Graduating Class at World of Inquiry School #58

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    Alexis Margolin

On December 12th, 2014, the first graduating class from EL Mentor School, World of Inquiry School in Rochester, N.Y., tool a giant step toward college acceptance as they dropped college applications in the mail in celebration of the College March. Read the full Time Warner News story

The senior class at Rochester's World of Inquiry School, the school's first graduating class, is looking toward the future and on Friday, declared their intentions in a big way.

They marched from the school on University Avenue to the main post office on Cumberland Street, to mail out letters of intent to college.

One by one, their names were called and they dropped off envelopes into the mailbox.

"Hopefully I get accepted into one of my schools. Princeton, maybe Rutgers. I have a lot of choices," said senior Al Azim.

"I'm mailing my fee waiver to Edinboro for college," said senior Ani'Vreh Whyte. "Our school is a school of high expectations, so everyone has the idea of either graduating or going to college or to a trade so, like, we're going to be something."

"We so often worry about the kids who are not doing what they need to do," said Sheela Webster, principal of the K-12 school. "At World of Inquiry, we're putting our efforts into all the kids who are doing what they need to do."

About half of World of Inquiry School's seniors started school there in Kindergarten.

"I've had some of these kids since fifth grade, so they're like my family," said teacher Bridget Maio.

"We believe in their work and we believe in their ability to rise to the highest of expectations, and our kids are doing that."