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"Powered by Projects and Purpose": EL Education and Deeper Learning Featured in "District Administration"

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    Sarah Norris

The article features images from Capital City Public Charter School and a spotlight on King Middle School. 

This lengthy piece on the Deeper Learning Network in “District Administration” online uses quotes from Ron Berger, Chief Academic Officer for EL Education, and Caitlin LeClair, Principal of King Middle School in Portland, ME, to illuminate what characterizes Deeper Learning and how it can show up in students’ lives.

The article, like all on the topic, specifies that “deeper learning” refers to six competencies: mastering rigorous academic content; thinking critically and solving problems; working collaboratively; communicating effectively; directing one’s own learning; and developing an academic mindset. 

Berger adds a nuance to the piece’s overall focus on the Deeper Learning Network of schools: “I think deeper learning is happening in every school in America in little pockets where kids are diving in, where they’re building excitement and passion and depth in some subjects,” 

An EL education school with a long history of such work is King Middle, and one of their flagship expeditions is mentioned:

In one expedition a few years ago, students examined small acts of courage, focusing on the civil rights movement from 1954 to 1965. The project included learning about pivotal events and interviewing community members who had played a role in the movement.

Their work became part of the African-American collection at the University of Maine. “The idea is kids are producing work that has purpose and serves our greater community,” says LeClair.

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